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First Visit - Start Smiling Now
Here at Kirkland and Redmond Orthodontics, we are always excited to meet new patients. Our goal is to make sure your initial consultation and all appointments go as smoothly as possible. Schedule your consultation by clicking on the button below. You will receive a phone call from our New Patient Coordinator to complete the scheduling process. Don't see an appointment time that works for you? Please call our office for assistance.
Treatment Journey
Virtual recordings and planning
Orthodontics has gone digital. Gone are the days of goopy impressions and mapping out treatment by hand. We use digital scans to create 3D models of your dental anatomy and software that helps determine the quickest and most effective ways to move the teeth. From there, we create custom appliances that are tailored to your needs.
Custom Appliances
At Kirkland and Redmond Orthodontics, we focus on customized treatment. This means offering orthodontic appliances and support that are unique to you. From custom made brackets to online monitoring, we make treatment work for you.
LightForce offers custom orthodontic treatment that is only possible with a fully customized appliance. This system delivers 100% customized braces based on the patient’s anatomy and tooth morphology. Unlike mass manufactured braces, your LightForce appliance is as unique as you.
Dental Monitoring
At Kirkland and Redmond Orthodontics, you are an active participant in your treatment. Dental Monitoring ensures you are always up to date on your progress. With this app, you can document your treatment progress, communicate with the office, and get help with any orthodontic concerns.
Visible appliances aren’t the right choice for every patient. Sometimes, you need something a little more discreet. Enter Invisalign. Invisalign is essentially invisible when worn, making it ideal for anyone in professional settings or those who just do not like the look of braces.
Technology Process
Step 1
Start With the End in Mind: With digital treatment planning, we start with the end goal and plan backwards, ensuring every step we take gets you closer to your dream smile.
Step 2
Enjoy Customized Treatment: We use LightForce braces and Invisalign aligners in our treatment, both of which are fully customized to your dental anatomy.
Step 3
Focus on the Finishing Touches: Moving your teeth into their ideal positions is just part of the process. We also focus on the gums and other aspects for a harmonious smile.
Our Guarantee
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